Where was the agent?

Last week’s tragic story about a gentleman whose skeletal remains were discovered behind the armchair in the flat that he had rented for many years, raises one very obvious question: where in the name of God was the agent during this period?  The landlord and the bailiffs only attempted to take possession of the property after the monthly rental payments had stopped. This was from an individual who has since been described as, “a model tenant”, who never once missed his rent. One has to ask during the period that the poor gentleman was lying dead on the floor, how did the agents justify missing two gas safety certificate renewals, resigning a new tenancy agreement and not inspecting the property every two months?  Whilst various parties offered the usual rent-a-quote such as, “he was a lovely chap who kept himself to himself” and “they were particularly saddened that he had passed away”, I am not sure what is more depressing: a society where no one cares to check on a neighbour or an unprofessional agent who only chooses to get involved when the money runs out.