What’s happening to house prices?

There are lots of conflicting reports from Halifax and Nationwide about house prices going up and then going down: London prices are booming whilst the rest of the country falls behind.  Having seen this all before in the last 30 yrs of being involved in estate agency, I can only advise potential vendors to seek the professional advice of your local, independent estate agent. Of all the economists who are scaremongering, how many of them have recently bought houses or have jumped off the housing ladder?  Economists are not estate agents.  In spite of all these experts predicting house prices, it is still nationally acknowledged that there is a shortage of housing stock in the country.  There is a buyer for every property but vendors do need to be realistic about house prices.  What is the point of putting a house on the market for the price that the vendor wants even thought this may be far in excess of what a local agent with years of experience and a truthful appraisal of the current housing market deems it to be worth?

To realistically value your property and market it to its greatest potential, please do not hesitate in calling either myself or Stuart Grayer here at Chehire and Co on 01633 869086