The power of the internet…

Speaking as someone who struggled with my Walkman (remember those?) in the 1980’s, the advent of social media and the world’s increasing reliance on Facebook to let people know what is happening in their lives has left me with a certain sense of bemusement and a genuine query of “Is it of any use in business?”   Seeing the photos of somebody’s stag party is entertaining, but as a means of selling a house…?

Well as much as it has been a painful experience learning about uploads, likes, dislikes and QR codes and having spent 30 yrs in the estate agency business working with a quill pen I can now say with first-hand experience that the use of social media in the property market is something which does work and should be fully utilised.  Here at Cheshire and Co we listed a property on Facebook on 11 August with a comment stating that the vendor would consider any serious offers.  The property was sold on 13 August.

As an estate agent, one should never forget that the old-fashioned means of leg-work and customer care through updates and regular, honest conversations with vendors are invaluable and should never be ignored or disregarded.  However, it is up to your agent to use every means possible to try and find a purchaser for your property.  At Cheshire and Co we pride ourselves on adopting this approach: be it through Facebook or any of the other social media forums.  We can also go one step further than other agents by taking a real time video tour of your property and then uploading it thus allowing potential purchasers to first view your property without leaving their own home.  To discuss the marketing of your property please call Cheshire and Co on 01633 869086 or drop into the office to discuss the options available.