The 3 P’s or the 3 L’s?

Our regular followers will know that I harp on about presentation, presentation, presentation; but I may be proven wrong in the coming days.  The reason for this humble admission is a flat that featured recently in the national news for all the wrong reasons.  Most notably, it is a pig-sty and the agents published the photos to prove it.  In fact, normal people would be calling the Pigs’ Protection League.  However, I have a feeling in my waters that due to the saying, location, location, location, this flat is likely to be gone by the time that you have read this blog.  Having visited the agent’s website and seen that they are still ‘looking forward’ to London hosting the Olympics in summer 2012, perhaps I should not be surprised that they see photographs showing bottles strewn across tables, unmade beds and washing piled up in the sink is acceptable presentation of a property.  However, they may be proven right.  It just adds further credibilty to the old adage that the worst house in the best street will go more quickly than the best house in the worst street. Granite work surfaces and gold taps in the bathroom will not make your house sell for a vastly greater price than the neighbouring residences with perfectly adequate but moderate quality bathrooms and kitchens if you all live in the street behind the public hostelry that is a regular haunt of the local police force; and I mean when they are on duty and visiting out of necessity for work, not recreational purposes.