Scared of becoming a landlord?

Direct Line Insurance recently posted a fantastic advert/article in many of the property sections of the national newspapers.  Their marketing team outdid themselves by highlighting not one, but fifteen “top tips for landlords” all of which were on the money.  However, as accurate as they were, some potential landlords could be put off renting for the first time because of the work and effort required in making sure that the job is done properly. As previous blogs will testify, I am the first person to emphasise the need for rentals to be set up and managed professionally, but this does not necessarily mean that it befits a ‘one size fits all’ policy. What I am saying is that as admirable as it may be for a landlord to contact an insurance company, the person at the call centre may never have rented a house in their life.  Like any company with a customer-facing, sales-based call centre, they are going to try and sell you as many products as possible, even if the said product is not suited to your particular situation or location. We have all experienced the scenario whereby we have rung a call centre on a number of occasions but have never spoken with the same person twice.  As a potential landlord, it is imperative that all your paperwork is in order and you fully understand what is required by law and what is simply advisable for your particular situation. Prospective landlords should always go and discuss their requirements with an experienced lettings agent who is more interested in forming a long-term business relationship than selling an insurance policy.