Questions, questions…

Are the lady dancers on Strictly Come Prancing really wearing more than in previous years or is it a sort of ‘dress-my-dolly’ in reverse; as the season progresses and the glitterball gets ever closer, do the costumes become more revealing? Week 1, think maiden aunt; the grand final, think a strip club in Vegas. I will be monitoring the situation closely-all in the public interest of course. Continuing on the prancing front, what did/does Len Goodman have against last year’s winner, Jay? Does Craig have a personal sponsorship deal with Max Factor or possibly Pollyfilla? Who ever thought that the deeply unpleasant Team Brown henchman Ed Balls would ever be repatriated into society through the medium of dance (although others-Craig/Trade Descriptions-might struggle to find that it should be classified as such)? With that very tenuous political link, I do wonder whether the Governor of the Bank of England (BOE), Mark Carney, will fall foul of Mrs May’s determined bid to remove all those who formed part of the Cameron posse. Gideon has gone and as he made his best mate head honcho at the BOE, one does wonder whether our Canadian friend will be seeking alternative employment. If he does, what will happen to the property market? Despite all the pontificating and somewhat self-indulgent debate, nobody knows. It’s 50/50, it either goes up, or it goes down. Thanks Chesh for pointing out the blindingly obvious, but the amount of drivel written and spoken recently on the matter does create-deliberately I think-the impression that the issue can only be resolved by applying some incredibly scientific formula akin to splitting the atom, combined with the wisdom of Solomon.

Biblical pansophy aside,as regular followers of the blog will know, here at Cheshire & Co we do have issues with journalists adopting the role of Gypsy Rose Lee and spreading their opinion of what the future holds. A recent article by Victoria Bischoff in the Daily Mail had an hysterical headline screaming indignantly about loopholes that allow landlords to dodge the soon to be imposed curbs on buy-to-let properties. One question: why is actual law deemed to be a loophole? In the article, Ms Bischoff explained how it would be more tax efficient to own buy-to-let properties through a limited company. Hello? Earth calling Planet Bischoff? Having blogged on this subject back in Spring 2015, is Ms Bischoff resorting to going through back editions of the original NP property blog in order to write her articles?

Another question: when are they going to give up on the doom-mongering over Brexit? Change the record jockey. ‘Brexit fears’ and ‘Brexit winners and losers’ will eventually lose their attraction as headlines-I hope. Many tears are apparently being shed by those who are deemed to be victims of the currency crisis, another tragic result of the Brexit fear that is sweeping the country on a par with rabies in a dogs’ home.Yes, I accept that if you are about to buy your euros to go to Lanzarote, a £1000 will give you 200 euro less than on June 22, but is that enough to force you to cancel your holiday? The driving associations also get their moment in the sun with a spokesman for the AA-amongst others- sucking his teeth  whilst explaining that as petrol prices are linked to the dollar (no, really?), the cost of refuelling the family car will increase by £7 a month. This is the motoring equivalent of King Herod’s purge of baby boys-apparently. Come on kiddiwinks. Mark-whilst he still has the gig-or more specifically the Monetary Policy Committee has dropped interest rates to 0.25%. Maths was never my best subject, but a 0.25% reduction on a £200,000 mortgage saves £500 a year, or just over £41 a month. So if you are a mortgage holder who uses a car-a fair chunk of the demographic I would bet, then you are about £34 a month better off. Why has no one written an article on this?