No one ever complains about too much communication…

In the current property market, agents have to face the uncomfortable reality that they need to take steps in order to keep thier good tenants who can no longer be viewed as a predictable cash cow who can be left alone to keep producing.  The steps that agents need to take to keep tenants are often blindingly obvious.

Ths most important step is good communication.  The agent should keep regular contact with all tenants and should endeavour to understand the issues that concern them-both those issues that directly relate to the property – and also the wider issues that affect the agent’s business.  Communication, if handled properly, will identify if the tenant is facing difficulties and the agent will find out in good time whether there are steps that can be taken to assist the tenant.  Just as in life, don’t you hate it when someone says, “Ah, I was just about to ring you…”.

When the first step is verbal, it should always be followed by something in writing, whether it be text, email or the old-fashioned snail mail.  Nobody wants to get involved in a ‘he said, she said’ type of argument.  Written confirmation protects all parties and particularly impresses your friendly judge!