New house or and old house?

When you embark on your venture to buy a home one of the most common decisions to make is whether to buy brand new or purchase an exisiting home.  Each choice has its advantages and there is no single answer that works for everyone.

Here are some of the things that you may wish to consider as you decide which route to take:

Pros for older houses:

1. Many people are drawn to developed neighbourhoods for the sense of comminity already established.

2. Many people enjoy home improvement so an existing property may have small projects waiting to be done.

3.  Existing homes are often found in older, more convenient areas rather than out of town.  In many cases, an older home offers the opportunity to expand and build a unique property.

Pros for new houses:

1.  Everything is brand new and you don’t have to do a thing; hence the phrase “turn-key”.

2.  Developers are currently offering a range of incentives to attract buyers.  So as well as your new home, you may negotiate new carpets, blinds, turfed lawns and other sundries.

3.  The biggest one of all is that developers are currently offering a range of part-exchange deals that will take all the hassle and aggravation away from you.

To decide what really is best for you and how to approach developers, contact your local, professional, independent estate agent.