Mortgage lending on the increase? Possibly?

The Council of Mortgage Lenders announced this week that mortgage applications in July were 8% higher than the previous month.  Is this the start of an upward trend?  Well before we all get too excited, let’s remember that mortgage lending in 2011 was £140 billion as opposed to £345 billion in 2007.  That is an awful lot of monthly increases needed to get back to where we were.  On the other hand, Rightmove report that property prices fell in July by 2.4%.  What does this mean, you may well ask?  As always, the right house in the right location at the right price will always find the right buyer.  The right buyer will always have the mortgage funding in place.  The moral of the story is seek the advice of your professional, independent estate agent, not the expert down the pub who last week was advising people on rocket science and the NASA Mars landing.