Maximise your property’s potential

Easter is now here and a quarter of the year has already gone. Typically we find that the country seems to shut down for two weeks and as a result potential buyers say ” I will view it after Easter”. Although not great for activity this does allow everyone the opportunity to ensure that “Their house is in order”.

For agents and vendors alike this means that once the Easter bunny has hopped off we need to be ready to deal with the  anticipated rise in viewings and enquiries. Thirty years experience has taught me that this slow down in activity is the same year after year regardless of the economic climate.

I would therefore urge all vendors to maximise the potential of their property, as they say little things count, so make sure that the outside is appealing to people simply driving by and declutter internally. When this is all done it provides the perfect opportunity to display your home via a walk through video available exclusively at Cheshire & Co.

Please visit our video page to see how a walk through video could enhance your property’s appeal to potential purchasers.