“I choose a lazy peron to do a hard job…”

“Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” [sic]  So said the richest man in the world (according to the Bloomberg Billionaires List 2013), Bill Gates.  Much discussion has taken place on the twittersphere and other forums about what he actually meant (duh – it was obvious) and whether his statement was accurate and was truly representative of how to get something done.  Firstly, far be it from me sitting here in Pontnewydd to query the sense and intelligence of a gentleman who has made zillions; and secondly experiences this week in the hot bed of estate agency in South Wales have further made me think that he had a point.  I have always prided myself and have tried to instil in employees that what sets us apart from some of our competitors is the willingness to go the extra mile and aim to provide the best – thereby the most professional – service to our clients. One of the ways of doing this is trying to match the right tenant to the right property, not putting in any old scuffer who is going to wreck the joint, who has chosen it due to its proximity to the nearest ‘Spoons.  The lazy way of finding a tenant for a property would be just this, whereby the administration and set up fee is pocketed and after that, when the house has burnt down in a cloud of cannabis and cider fragranced smoke it is a case of, ‘Oh dear.  Not our problem’. Actually, technically, it isn’t. The problem resides with the owner of the property who at the outset of the rental process accepted our professional methods and guidance on finding the right tenant, but 48hrs in was demanding an explanation as to why it had not yet been rented and wanted a tenant in yesterday.  So they got the tenant that their demands deserved.

Perhaps though it is good business sense and not giving a toss is what makes you money.  Just a thought for the weekend.