“We are all doomed…” possibly…maybe…

So would utter Senna the Soothsayer to Frankie Howerd’s Lurcio in Up Pompeii.  The history of those predicting the future is something of a mixed bag; from Cassandra of Greek mythology, who having spurned the advances of the god Apollo was cursed by him to never be believed (cue the Trojan Horse and the fall of Troy), through Caesar being told beware the ides of March (he didn’t have to after the 15 March 44 BC as that night at the theatre he was stabbed 23 times), to Mystic Meg (who spectacularly  crashed and burned in her prophesying when failing to predict her sacking by Piers Morgan from the Daily Mirror).  As we rub our crystal balls (no sniggering please), the resident clairvoyants of the Fourth Estate have committed their predictions for the housing market in 2016 to be immortalised in print.  These range from us needing to save the number of the local Ferrari dealership to our ‘favourites’ in our ‘phones as we are all going to be millionaires by Easter, to saving every last penny in the piggy bank as the housing crisis ever deepens.  Before we all pin our colours to the mast, who would have predicted that Chelsea at Christmas would be fighting relegation and what price would have been offered in the summer for The Special One being told that actually he wasn’t all that special and could he close the door on his way out?

Looking back at previous predictions, in 2014 we were all being warned of the effect of the impending rise in interest rates. Read our previous blogs and remind yourself of what Gipsy Rose Chesh-Nostradamus had to say on the matter.  Here we are in 2016 and interest rates are the same as we opined they would be throughout 2014 and 2015.  Reading the left wing press over the festive period would have cemented the view of a crisis in the housing market, yet reports published in December show that housing repossessions are down to the levels of 2004.  Similarly, the number of first time buyers applying for mortgages in December was the highest December figure on record.

Let us all be a little more savvy and acknowledge that none of us really know what is going to happen.  The one thing that I can be fairly sure of though, is that when all estate agents are back in the office today, we will all click on Rightmove intel to see who is number 1 in the area.  Childish? Yes.  Predictable?  Absolutely.  This will then continue as estate agents who previously could not stand each other develop a bromance to complain about the new agent on the block who has ‘revolutionised’ (read taken some of their business) selling houses in the area.  Tempus fugit boys and girls and we have to move with it and adapt our practices accordingly or we will be joining Piers Morgan’s (real name Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan and was born as Piers Stefan O’Meara) career as a tabloid editor in the same place that he left his job with CNN.