Cheshire & Co – The “Pet Friendly” Letting Agent

Finding a property to rent when you own a pet can be very difficult because not all Landlords are willing to accept your furry friends, but here at Cheshire & Co we are proud to announce that we are embracing pets and becoming one of the first Letting Agents in the NP postcode to become “Pet Friendly”.

We have recently employed a new Head of Pet Relations who will be on hand to answer all your pet related questions and give you top tips on how to approach finding a property to rent when you have pets.

Pets are a major part of our modern lives and millions of us nationwide now own a pet of some description, with it being thought now that one in three homes own a dog!

Being “Pet Friendly” is a important move forward for us here at Cheshire & Co, because there are hundred’s of pet owners either currently in rented accommodation or actively looking for “Pet Friendly” accommodation across the NP area.

The ultimate decision on whether a property accepts pets is at the discretion of the Landlord themselves, but here at Cheshire & Co we try to ensure that all our Landlords are fully informed on the pro’s and con’s of having pet’s in their houses or flats.

Typically we would ask the tenants presenting with pets to be flexible in their search for a property and ideally we would recommended they begin their search at the earliest opportunity in order for them to be matched with the most suitable property to meet their needs and the needs of their pet.

Ideally you should also consider creating a CV for your pet; which includes details of their last vaccinations, flea treatments, worming treatments and even previous landlord references for your pet (if they are available).

Many Landlords think of the worst-case scenario when they think about pets in their property, so as a tenant with a pet, you need to think carefully about how you present your pet to your potential new landlord and we would strongly recommended the Pet CV.

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience and here at Cheshire & Co we would like to help you make finding a “Pet Friendly” property as easy as we can.

For more information please visit or call us on 01633 869086