Ask a professional….

“Soaring rents, rock-bottom interest rates and sliding house prices are encouraging more would be investors to consider a buy-to-let property” Larisa Brown , Daily Mail, Wednesday July 25, 2012.  I couldn’t have put it better myself but would offer just a word or caution to prospective buyers.  Of course it really is a great time to buy a property with the plan of renting it out, thus earning far more from your money than if it was sitting in certain high street banks savings accounts.  But I would urge any potential buy-to-let investors to come and talk to a professional before they part with their money. A professional can advise you on the right property to buy and more importantly, the wrong property and make you aware of all the potential pit-falls that are waiting just round the corner for the inexperienced or occasional buy-to-let landlord. Here at Cheshire and Co we can offer a bespoke service tailored to what you as a potential landlord would like to achieve from your investment.  Remember that they key-word here is “investment”, with the aim of making, not costing you money.