What can I do to sell my property other than dropping the price?

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked by vendors is, “What can I do to generate more interest in my property, other than dropping the price?”  This can be answered in two parts.  Firstly, somehouses ARE overvalued: agents advise a vendor on a price which is markedly over value just to get the listing, therefore keeping the boss back at the office happy that they have got another instruction.  Then, surprise, surprise, some weeks later with minimal viewings (if any), the only option offered to the vendor to try  and sell the property is to drop the price. 

We are all fickle creatures and motivated by money and my years of experience in estate agency have proven time and again that people will invariably go with the agent who values their house at the highest price even if an objective view shows quite clearly that it is overpriced. Having established that a property is being marketed at the correct value, many vendors are increasingly disillusioned and disheartened that nobody is coming to look at their house. One of the greatest wonders of the modern world is the internet and it has changed the whole face of estate agency and the selling of houses.  But it needs to be used to best effect; maximising the amount of people who want to come and look at an individual property.  The key to this is ensuring that a property is seen in the best possible light-the pictures taken by your agent HAVE to show your house off and make people want to take a further look by arranging a viewing.  It sounds very simple – and it is – but photos showing only half a room and the bottom part of a wardrobe are very common but are of no use to anyone.  Similarly, taking a photo of the least attractive aspect of a property is no use as a potential selling tool; getting a potential purchaser to your property because they like something they have seen means that when they do view it in person, the poky downstairs bathroom may be ignored because they like the rest of the house.  The key is getting them to the property in the first place.

The best possible way to view a house is by taking a video tour.  Here at Cheshire and Co we are the only agent in the Cwmbran area to offer a walk through in real time of a property.  This isn’t a slide show, but a walk from room to room which a purchaser can take from the comfort of their own home. To find out more about making a video tour of your property or just to get some professional advice borne from many years’ experience of estate agency, please don’t hesitate in giving me or one of the team here a call on 01633 869086. There is a buyer out there for every property, but whatever the property, vendors and their agent must make every effort to maximise viewings.


Cwmbran leads, the nation follows

Nobody likes someone who says “I told you so…” but it is always gratifying from a professional point of view to know that you were right.  At the beginning of March in an article in the Argus the team at Cheshire and Co were not only celebrating a first year in business in Pontnewydd but were also quietly confident that there was a very gradual upturn in activity in the property market. Fast forward 6 weeks to an article in the Daily Telegraph on 10 April where it was reported that across the country estate agents were “reporting increases rather than decreases in demand”.  A report from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors reported the highest reading of house sales for almost two years with a notable rise in the number of new buyer enquiries.  We can bear this out at Cheshire and Co but would still sound a word of warning to those taking a step into the property market.  Vendors must not confuse an increase in enquiries with an automatic increase in house prices-just because more people are looking does not mean that your house is worth more-what it does mean is that you have a better chance of selling it.

The team here have noted that more proceedable buyers are registering with us-with the aim of buying a property – but we would urge vendors to be sensible in their expectations of what their house will actually sell for. 

Any move in to the property market is fraught with potential pitfalls – even if the market is slowly coming to life again.  The team here at Cheshire and Co would be delighted to meet both potential buyers and sellers in order to provide expert advice on any query an individual may have.  Buying or selling a house is stressful, but we aim through over 60 years combined experience to minimise the stress.  To speak to one of the team please ring 01633 86 90 86

Thinking of becoming a landlord ?

Are you a landlord or thinking of becoming one. Although open evenings at estate agents  have become a popular way to find out more about the buy to let market many people have a lot more questions to ask which require an individual one to one discussion. No matter how unimportant a question may seem I will delighted to answer it.

Becoming a landlord is a major decision and requires knowledge of current legislation and an awareness of the many pitfalls involved. With over 30 years experience as a professional landlord and letting agent and having experienced everything that could go wrong actually going wrong I am now ideally placed to help and advise those wishing to make the first step into the rental market.

If you would like to have an informal chat with a seasoned professional I would be delighted to meet with you.

Please call the office to discuss your requirements or arrange a meeting.


Maximise your property’s potential

Easter is now here and a quarter of the year has already gone. Typically we find that the country seems to shut down for two weeks and as a result potential buyers say ” I will view it after Easter”. Although not great for activity this does allow everyone the opportunity to ensure that “Their house is in order”.

For agents and vendors alike this means that once the Easter bunny has hopped off we need to be ready to deal with the  anticipated rise in viewings and enquiries. Thirty years experience has taught me that this slow down in activity is the same year after year regardless of the economic climate.

I would therefore urge all vendors to maximise the potential of their property, as they say little things count, so make sure that the outside is appealing to people simply driving by and declutter internally. When this is all done it provides the perfect opportunity to display your home via a walk through video available exclusively at Cheshire & Co.

Please visit our video page to see how a walk through video could enhance your property’s appeal to potential purchasers.