Welcome to Cheshire & Co and thank you for visiting our new website.

The story so far…

After nearly thirty years of working for large corporate estate agents I realised I was suffering from corporate strangulation.  I believe that corporate estate agency now has little to do with  providing the best possible service but is all about targets targets and more targets.

Many large estate agents struggle to make money by simply selling and renting houses, which is what we do best.  In fact some will even want to charge you if they don’t sell your property!

So what makes us so different?

Cheshire & Co is owned by the people whose name is above the door and have invested our own money in this business.  What an incentive to succeed that is, because if Cheshire & Co is not successful then I don’t eat!!

I believe that with my hand picked core staff we combine traditional values with the best of modern technology that produces a bespoke service to you, our future clients.  We don’t boast about how many offices we have or how many hundreds of properties we have on the market or how we can offer you various types of enhanced marketing, we simply get on with the business of selling or letting your property!

I want to grow this business by reputation and personal introduction, we will do this by selling and letting property quickly, professionally and for the best possible price.

Ask yourself this…

…what other agent offers you the chance to visit their office and speak to the principles of the business, in private if necessary, where all our admin is done on site and enquiries can be dealt with efficiently and where the directors will give you, our clients, their personal mobile number.

So whether you are looking to sell, buy or rent a property please take the time to read through our website and either call or e-mail with any enquires you may have.

…and finally…

…if you fancy something different…then try us! If not try the dinosaur estate agents on the high street.